Other Ministry Opportunities


Every Thursday afternoon you may bring your knitting, stitching, or any other craft that tickles your fancy and do it in community with the St. Alban’s Crafters. The ‘Crafters’ meet year round to share fellowship and their love of handcrafts. This faithful group usually numbers 8-10 and welcomes anyone to join them. The Crafters work on their own projects and also have a tradition of taking up projects for the good of St. Alban’s. They have knit prayer shawls, made jams, breads and quilts to sell, and published the St. Alban’s Cookbook. They are very generous in gifting the funds they have raised to support various projects and ministries of the church. They meet year round from 3:30 – 5 on Thursday afternoons. They meet in the narthex of the church most of the year and move to rotating in each others homes in the hot summer months. All are welcome and warmly invited to join this group of talented ladies!


The Women’s Interactive Network is an outreach program of the Lisbeth Linley Foundation, an outreach ministry of St. Alban’s Church. Lisbeth believed in supporting and uplifting others in their daily walk of life. The W.I.N. programs, held 2-3 times per year are held at St. Alban’s and open to all women of the area. The programs usually offer a speaker on an issue or topic of particular importance and interest to women. The programs bring women together for fellowship, networking, and refreshment and are followed by a reception prepared by the legendary Ivan Nedds! The lavish receptions are a tangible sign of the abundant welcome that Ivan extends to all through the foundation he established in loving memory of his wife Lisbeth.


District participation is a wonderful way to help in the larger world of activities and life in the Diocese of Newark. Each District has a clergy and lay representative on the Diocesan Council. District 10 meetings are about 2 hours long and are held on weekday evenings, every other month, at the various churches in the District. These meetings include speakers, reports and discussions about the activities and plans to enhance our Episcopal life in the District.