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Ministries at St. Alban's

We believe and live out that all in God’s family are called to service through their Baptism. Please look through the ministries to find the ones that are a fit to you. If you are unsure please speak with a member of the clergy who are happy to help you in your discernment. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Vestry liaisons Jeanne Sylvester and Pam Helleren

ACOLYTES (The clergy)

Acolytes serve as part of the leadership team for worship. Acolytes are both youth and adults above the third grade. Acolyte duties are divided into two levels through which acolytes progress as they learn the duties and responsibilities. Children and youth serving as acolytes still attend Sunday School classes on days when they are scheduled to serve. Acolytes are scheduled about one Sunday a month plus festive days. If you are interested please speak with a member of the clergy to arrange for training.


Eucharistic Ministers are youth and adult members of the congregation who serve as part of the leadership team for worship. Eucharistic Ministers assist in serving the bread and wine at the time of Communion. Training is provided by the clergy to obtain a license issued by the Diocese. Youth must have completed the Sacrament of Confirmation. Some Eucharistic Ministers vest and serve for the entire service and some sit with their families during the service and then come forward to assist with distribution. Both are fine. Please speak with a member of the clergy.

LECTORS (Claire Mingalone)

St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New JerseyLectors are part of the leadership team for worship. They sit in the pews and come forward to read the scripture lessons assigned for the day. Training is provided and lectors are scheduled to read about once a month. Lectors may join the team at any time during the year. Please speak with Claire Mingalone or a member of the clergy to get started. Children in 5th grade and above with a strong speaking voice are also welcome.

GREETERS (Dagi Murphy)

Greeters serve to welcome all who come for worship be they visitors or members. The ministry of the Greeter is to assist everyone is feeling comfortable and included as we gather to celebrate as a family of faith. Greeters will also help visitors and newcomers to find their way in the building and assist in locating classrooms and facilities as needed. Greeters serve from 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the service through helping visitors find their way to coffee hour. Greeters also assist in making the clergy aware of their presence and encouraging them to sign the guest book and pick-up a welcome packet. Friends, couples and families may also decide to greet as a team. It is wonderful for young children to be greeted by other children. Greeters also encourage members to wear their name tags!

USHERS (Diane Rees)

Ushers serve during worship services and have a variety of duties to assist the clergy in making the service run smoothly. Ushers assist those arriving for worship by handing them the service bulletin and, if needed, helping them to find a seat. During the service ushers take a count of those present for the service record. They also assist during Communion by helping to direct people up and back from Communion making special note of those needing assistance.

COUNTERS (Diane Rees and Don LaCass)

Our Counters Teams consist of two trained adults who are responsible for the counting and recording of the offering following the worship service. Counters serve once a month following a closely designed but simple to follow system. New counters are paired with experienced ones until the system is learned and the member is comfortable. Counters prepare the weekly deposit and treat with confidentiality the information on the offering and envelopes.

CHOIR (Lou Fifer)

St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New JerseyMembers of our choirs are part of the leadership team for worship. St. Alban’s has two choirs available for those who are interested in group singing and assisting with the important ministry of leading congregational singing during worship. The adult choir practices at 9AM on Sunday morning and sings during the 10AM service. The children’s choir practices following the 10AM service on the 1st Sunday of the month to prepare to sing on Family Sundays (first Sunday of most months) and special occasions. All are welcome and can join by simply coming to a rehearsal. Both choirs sing from mid-September to mid-June.

ALTAR GUILD (Louise Gilliard and Diane Van Dyke)

St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New JerseyOur Altar Guild is a dedicated group of people who serve with joy and friendship behind the scenes to prepare the church and altar for worship and assist the clergy with special arrangements. Those who are interested in serving with the Altar Guild are welcome and encouraged to do so! Training occurs by being included in a team of experienced members who each serve one weekend a month. The Altar Guild sets up on Saturday afternoon for the Sunday liturgies. The altar is reset in-between the 8 and 10 AM services and then the guild clears the altar area and cleans-up the vessels following the service. As special occasions approach the Altar Guild also polishes silver and brass and makes other seasonal preparations to enable us to 'keep the feast'. We hope you will join us!

BREAD BAKERS (Colleen Wurster)

At St. Alban’s we use both baked bread and wafers for Communion. Our bread is baked by members in their homes with a non-yeast, whole wheat recipe which we provide. A single batch of bread will make enough rounds for about a month. Our bread baking ministry is something that you can do on your own time in your own home. Because bread is kept in the freezer you can volunteer to bake anytime and the bread will be saved until needed. This is a great opportunity to include little ones as well! All are welcome!

PRAYER MINISTRY (Parish office)

Prayer is an integral part of a healthy faith community. At St. Alban’s we seek to provide many opportunities for people to enter into prayer. The Prayer Chain is a group of faithful prayers who are committed to holding in prayer those who request prayer and those who are placed on our Sunday worship prayer list. All that is needed to participate in this ministry is an open, willing and prayerful heart. Members of the Prayer Chain take the Sunday bulletin, where names are listed, as well as phone calls and emails that are circulated apprising them of new prayer requests. To join the Prayer Ministry please contact the parish office or speak to a member of the clergy.


St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New JerseyOn Mother's Day and Father's Day we have two beloved traditions. On Mother's Day the ALTAR OF ROSES beautifies the altar with hundreds of single long-stemmed roses each given in memory or thanksgiving for a woman in our life. The dedication for each rose is listed in the bulletin and read during the service. The cost of $5 per rose is a fund raiser for the Altar Guild. The ALTAR OF TIES is part of our Father's Day celebration when ties are arranged on the altar to create a beautiful (and fun!) frontal. The stories that the ties tell are music to the ears of God. Please watch the bulletin and Albanac as these two days arrive and join in the remembering and celebrating.


The second and third Sundays of Advent have taken on a special identity at St. Alban's. We are continuing to develop a tradition of celebrating the feasts of St. Nicholas and St. Lucy, also known as St. Lucia. Both of these saints' feast days are in early December and the qualities for which they are known are especially appropriate as we look toward the coming of Jesus at Christmas. St. Nicholas was a real bishop in Myra, now Turkey, and was know for his kindness toward children and love of giving gifts of life in secret. St. Lucia was a young martyr who is pictured with a crown of candles on her head bringing light into the darkness of winter. Both of these are beloved saints in parts of Europe and bring even more excitement of anticipation to our Advent preparations as they make visits to St. Alban's with special treats that bear their names.

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Vestry liaisons Carol Guzzo and Linda Nazare

St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New Jersey

CHILDREN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL (Carol Guzzo and Reverend Kathryn)

At St. Alban’s we hold as a core value the nurture and education of children in the knowledge and love of Jesus. Our children’s Sunday School program meets during the first 40 minutes of the 10AM worship service. Nursery care is provided by a paid staff member to ensure continuity and consistency for our little ones. Regular classes are offered for Pre-K to 1st grade; 2nd to 5th grade; and middle school and up. The program includes a balance of biblically based lessons, Bible stories, service projects to learn about the needs of others, and training in the Sacraments and worship of the Episcopal Church. In addition to our regular classes the children attend the entire worship service on the 1st Sunday of each month, Family Sunday, and are encouraged to sing in the children’s choir or assist as ushers, lectors, greeters and special service participants on those days. This hands-on experience embodies our belief that children are full members of the church. Three times a year, on 5th Sundays, our rector, Reverend Kathryn, participates in Sunday School by teaching a special lesson. All children are welcome and encouraged to participate in our program and parents are encouraged to support us by bringing your children regularly and volunteering to teach or assist with a pre-planned lesson that is provided to you.


St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New JerseyConfirmation is the Sacramental rite whereby someone takes for themselves the promises that were made on their behalf when they were baptized. It is an adult affirmation of faith and can be made, following preparation, by anyone in the 8th grade or above. In the Diocese of Newark our Bishop, the Rt. Reverend Mark Beckwith, has set 8th grade as the minimum age for Confirmation following a 2 year period of intentional preparation. At St. Alban’s we live that out with group class meetings once a month, scheduled by the members of the class and their parents, in conjunction with individual monthly meetings of the candidate and their sponsor. The group classes are designed and written by the clergy to cover Scripture, Sacraments, Worship, Spiritual practices, Service, and Moral decision making in a program that includes fellowship and a shared meal 2 ½ hours once a month. The Bishop also requires that each candidate attend an over-night retreat at some point during their process. Retreats are scheduled four to five times a year at a church within the diocese. Please speak with the rector.


Education is a life-long process in all areas of life including our faith. At St. Alban’s we offer a variety of opportunities for adults to grow in their faith. We offer seasonal studies during Advent and Lent as well as forums after church scheduled most months. We strive to have our offerings include opportunities to learn more about scripture, sacraments, spirituality, and service in the world. We also encourage women to take advantage of the wonderful programs offered through the Women’s Interactive Network (W.I.N.) of the Lisbeth Linley Foundation. The schedule of opportunities can be found in the activities page and calendar of this website and the Albanac. Everyone is challenged to make ongoing prayer and education part of your life.

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YOUTH GROUP (Linda Nazare, Megan Kendal, Kathy Miles)

St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New JerseySt. Alban's Youth Group is a growing and developing ministry open to all youth in the 6th grade and up. The youth Group meets for scheduled activities of service, fellowship, and learning throughout the year. We are very excited by the opening of our new Youth Center which provides a meeting and gathering space for the teens where they can hang-out and enjoy games like ping-pong and foosball while strengthening relationships with their peers. A full schedule of events can be found in the Albanac and church calendar.

PARENT’S NIGHT OUT (Reverend Kathryn King)

Parent’s Night Out was added to St. Alban's community to provide children with an opportunity for fellowship and parents with an opportunity to go out and strengthen their own relationship which is the foundation of their family life. Parent’s Night Out is offered by our rector, Reverend Kathryn, and adult volunteers who assist on a rotating basis. The evening begins at 6:30 PM with gathering and simple supper. A program is planned that will include large and small group activities and games. The evening may include a service / outreach project chosen for its interest to children as well as a movie to help everyone wind down before parents arrive to pick up between 9:15 and 9:30PM. Check the calendar for a list of the dates (usually the last Friday of the month) and sign-up by calling the parish office. Children are welcome to bring friends. It is important to call the parish office so that we are sure to have sufficient supper, supplies and supervision.


This is a brand new offering at St. Alban’s open to children in kindergarten and above. Scheduled to coincide with a day-off from school these events will involve the children gathering at the church at 9AM to board a bus and head off on an all day mystery adventure where they will open clues throughout the day to help them learn where they are headed next. The day will include 3 or 4 locations that will be divulged to parents ahead of time but not told to the children. The clues will incorporate bible as well as general knowledge. A couple of adult volunteers and teen assistants are needed for each Mystery Bus Trip. The cost of the day is determined by the number of children and the locations we will be visiting but we try to keep the cost to about $30 per person and that covers the cost of the bus, entrance / activity fees, and snacks. Children will bring a bag lunch. Children are invited to bring a friend. Permission forms are required to be completed prior to the day of the event. See the parish calendar for specific dates.


In the summer of 2012, after over a year in process, we opened our new Youth Center which is located in the newly painted and furnished basement of the rectory which is next door to the church building. The Youth Center has a ping-pong table, foosball tables and billiards. It also has tables and chairs for games and lounging chairs for kicking back with friends. The Youth Center is supervised whenever it is open. The Youth Center can be reached through the basement door from the backyard of the rectory. We hope this will become a place where youth will strengthen their ties and relationships with each other and their faith. We still hope to have a bathroom and sink installed in the Youth Center and welcome anyone who has the skills or would like to make a donation to contact the Buildings and Grounds chair persons or the rector.


St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New JerseyIn 2011, in an effort to offer a new opportunity for those children and youth who love music, we began Sacred Sounds Music Camp. With a grant from District 10 of the Diocese of Newark, of which we are a part, we started a week-long summer program for 1st graders through high school offering instruction and performance skills in chorus, handchimes and percussion. Reverend Kathryn serves as the director of the camp and musicians from around our area serve as paid staff, most of whom are employed in our local churches. Participants come from area Episcopal churches, local FLOW area churches and children from the community with no church affiliation at all. All Are Welcome! The program concludes with a celebration concert for family and friends and an outreach concert with local senior center and senior home residents as our special guests. See the parish calendar for the dates for this years camp and go to broadcast yourself YouTube District 10 children’s choir camp to see a sample of the program and concert. Everyone is invited to be involved in this growing program at St. Alban’s and in our community.

St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New Jersey


St. Alban's joins with the other churches of Oakland to offer a community-wide Vacation Bible School during the last week of July. A group of leaders meet year round to plan this wonderful program that runs Sunday through Thursday evenings. Registration and details are available in the spring of each year and St. Alban's traditionally has a great group of children who participate. The location rotates around the participating parishes each year.

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St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New Jersey

THE WILL PROJECT (George O'Neill and Bruce Gilliard)

Named for an Eagle Scout in the parish, Will Nedds, The Will Project: Willing a Difference in our Community is the ongoing ministry of collecting non-perishable food items for The Center for Food Action in Mahwah, NJ. The shopping basket is available in the narthex (entrance) of the church at all times and everyone is encouraged to bring items regularly. Shop Rite gift cards are also a welcome donation and you can even purchase these through our own SCRIPS gift card program and then St. Alban's will benefit from your generosity too! On Super Bowl Sunday we participate in “Souper Bowl” and collect cans of soup and dollar bills in a giant soup pot to benefit Center for Food Action as well.

ST. PAUL'S MEN'S SHELTER (The Outreach Committee)

St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New JerseySt. Paul's Episcopal Church in Paterson operates a homeless shelter for men year round on its church site. For over twenty years St. Alban's has joined other faith and civic organizations in adopting one night a month to host dinner for the shelter residents. On the first Thursday of each month members of St. Alban's and friends prep supper for between 15 and 25 men and finish preparing it in the St. Paul's kitchen. Dinners consist of a main meal, salad, bread and dessert. We also make sure that there is a vegetarian option available. We also make a point to celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas with special meals and gifts. During the summer we provide barbeques on our monthly visit. All ages participate and we usually have 8-10 people in the kitchen. We provide and set-up the meal to be served buffet style and the men do all the clean-up. We offer carpools for those who do not want to drive. People can donate and prepare the food or donate funds to support the costs. All are welcome to join in this hands-on opportunity for service in a joyful and fun setting.

SCHOOL SUPPLY COLLECTION (Colleen and Bob Wurster)

When Steven Wurster was in high school he began an annual tradition that continues to grow. Each August our narthex fills up with backpacks, crayons and all the sorts of things that our children need to head back to school in September. Our donations are then boxed up and delivered to St. Paul's, Paterson where they are distributed to the children in their Community Development programs. This effort is another example of the many ways we reach out beyond ourselves to spread the joy of the life we share.

CHRISTMAS PROJECTS (Paula Hoffman and the Outreach Committee)

St. Alban's participates in two main outreach projects at Christmas. CHRISTMAS IS FOR CHILDREN is a program, based in Hawthorne, which provides 3 gifts for each child screened and selected into their program. Each child receives 1 wish gift, 1 need gift, and 1 school item. Children's names, ages, and needs are available for 'adoption' around Thanksgiving and un-wrapped gifts are returned to the church for delivery. For ST. PAUL'S SHELTER GIFTS we wrap boxes containing a shirt, socks, and gloves and bring them with us on our visit in early January. Santa, Mrs. Claus and some costumed elves are always on hand to help hand out the gifts and join in the celebration that includes carol singing and other give-a-ways. We often have as many St. Alban's folks as men in the program who join in the fun!

RELAY FOR LIFE (Paula Hoffman and Don LaCass)

Starting in 2010 The Saints of Saint Alban's Relay for Life Team has been walking and raising money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life walk-a-thon in Oakland. Held in early June the event gathers thousands together. In 2012 our team reached Gold Team status and was the third highest fund raiser in the event. We are so proud to participate and we stand together in support, thanksgiving, and memory for all those whose lives have been touched by cancer. Join us on our team. We have a BLAST!

CROP WALK (The Youth Group)

On the second Sunday afternoon in October St. Alban's participates in the annual CROP WALK. The CROP WALK raises funds to help provide sources of fresh water in underdeveloped parts of the world. The theme is “We walk for water because they walk for water”. Those who receive the funds currently need to walk miles and miles daily for their needs. The CROP WALK helps build / dig wells and provide this basic necessity. All ages of our parish walk together, even with our dogs!, to extend the reach of this community of faith internationally. Please consider joining us!

MEALS ON WHEELS (Carolyn O'Neill)

Meals on Wheels in the nationally recognized program that is run locally across the country. The program picks-up and delivers prepared meals to residents who are home bound. Volunteers for this ministry offer 2 hours each time they volunteer. Volunteers can be matched with a partner if they prefer. For many who receive the meals the contact with the delivery person is the only contact with another person they will have that day. This is a program that delivers food but it is a ministry that delivers care. Please contact Carolyn to become connected with this ministry.

PRISON MINISTRY (The Reverend Barbara Harriman)

Twice a month Deacon Harriman travels to the Essex County Jail to bring Word, Sacrament and Comfort to those who are incarcerated. The whole worshiping congregation sends her forth from the Sunday morning altar with a blessing and the sacrament to share it "with those who are absent form this Table" to "feed others as we have been fed". Barbara is accompanied by other parishioners who visit units with her as she shares scripture and the Eucharist. This is a life transforming ministry and Deacon Harriman is happy to speak with anyone who would like to learn more about this vital work.

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Jeanne Sylvester, Pam Helleren, Cindy Ludwig


Fellowship is one of the cornerstones of how we come together to build relationships to then enter into service together. Following each of our Sunday worship services we continue the celebration with an informal gathering to share coffee and 'a little bit of something'. Members of the parish volunteer on a rotating basis to serve as the hosts for coffee hour. The hosts make coffee and tea and set up with paper products, all of which are provided. The tables and chairs are already set up. There is a sign-up list for other members to bring fruit, bagels, and juice. The hosts then set everything out and serve as the hosts following the service. Everyone pitches in as the hosts clean-up following the fellowship. Coffee Hour is primarily to provide an opportunity for people to share conversation and a cup of coffee. You do not need to be a gourmet cook – you just need about a half hour before and after coffee hour and a willingness to share fellowship and a smile. Coffee hour is a perfect way to do something meaningful with a friend or with your family. Please consider taking a turn – it's really easy to do and clear directions are posted in the kitchen!


St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New JerseyOn the Sunday following the beginning of school we launch our new program year and the beginning of Sunday School in grand fashion with a celebration service followed by a good old-fashioned church picnic and carnival for the kids. In addition to great food and fellowship we have a giant inflatable for the kids and a visit from Outragehiss Pets who arrive with all manner of fascinating and captivating creatures for up close encounters. We also have a variety of face-painting and traditional picnic games like sack races and pie eating contests. It's a wonderful afternoon and gives us all an opportunity to share stories of summer adventures and enjoy our parish family. So bring a dish to share and join the fun!

St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New Jersey

NEWCOMERS BRUNCH (The Rector and Greeters)

Twice a year we hold a Sunday brunch to welcome new members to St. Alban's. After sharing a meal together we have a brief question and answer session to further acquaint new members with the many opportunities for worship, service and fellowship that are available at St. Alban's. We look forward to these gatherings which give us all an opportunity to get to know each other in a smaller setting.

OKTOBERFEST (Sandy and Wally Weiss)

Oktoberfest is held on the third Saturday of October and is a favorite event of young and not so young alike. This tradition was begun by the Murray and Weiss families who have carried it on for years. The main dishes of sauerbraten and wonderful sausages are provided and everyone pitches in preparing side dishes of sauerkraut, apple sauce, potato pancakes and all the desserts. It is a great evening with lots of fun and fellowship had by all. A free will offering basket is available at the door. It is a BYOB event and many members invite their friends to fill a table. So mark your calendar and dig out your lederhosen!

PARISH THANKSGIVING (Reverend Kathryn King)

At about 3AM on the Sunday before Thanksgiving the rector can been seen making her way over to the church ovens to start about 80 lbs of turkey birds on their way to a parish Thanksgiving feast! Reverend Kathryn provides the turkey and the rest of the parish brings the trimmings and by the time the 10AM service is complete the smells are a sure sign that the turkeys are ready! We gather in the parish hall, with our longest-time members as heads at our tables, and we give thanks to God for the blessings of our family of faith as we share a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Be sure to join us as there is always room at the table for more!

PANCAKE SUPPER (The Youth Group and the Wursters)

On Shrove Tuesday, the night before Ash Wednesday, it is the tradition of the Christian community to eat up all the 'fat' in the house and have a last celebration to prepare for the entering of the solemn days of Lent. Shrove Tuesday, also celebrated as Mardi Gras, is how it is done. At St. Alban's we have a pancake supper, cooked and served by the youth group and children of the parish. In addition to a delicious supper we have games including pancake races. A small free will donation supports the youth group activities.

EASTER EGG HUNT (The Miles Family)

With hats and new shoes all around the children and youth of the parish anticipate with great excitement the annual Easter Egg Hunt which is held following the main service on Easter Day. Plastic eggs are filled with candies and little tokens to delight the children who find them where they are hidden in our enclosed park-like playground. Areas are divided by age to allow for maximum success of all ages! Be sure to bring your basket and join the hunt. But don't delay or blink because you could miss the whole thing!

MOTHER'S AND OTHERS BRUNCH (John Murphy and the men & boys of the parish)

The best brunch around on Mother's Day is served right here at St. Alban's! Under the direction of John Murphy, the men and boys of the parish cook and serve a veritable feast to all the women and girls of the parish. Tables are set and eggs are cooked to perfection as the men take this opportunity to show their love and thanks for the women. This is a not-to-be-missed tradition where all are welcome to serve or be served!


On Father's Day the women and girls take their turn providing a tasty meal for the men and boys of the parish. Usually held in conjunction with our end of the school year picnic, the Father's Day Barbeque is an outdoor event where good smells fill the air and meat fills the grill (vegetarian selections are also available!) There are games for the kids while the women 'man' the grills and serve up a feast to celebrate the men and kick-off the summer barbeque season. It's a great day with fun for all.

ICE CREAM SOCIALS (Reverend Kathryn and Nicholas King)

Twice during the course of the summer our rector and her son invite everyone to join them on the deck of the rectory for a good old-fashioned ice cream social. Plenty of goodies are available to go over and under the ice cream and there are always great times to go all around. The kids usually strike up a game of Manhunt (hide-and-seek in the dark) that uses every bit our ten acre church property to make them the events of the summer. Check the parish calendar and Albanac for dates.

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ST. ALBAN’S CRAFTERS (Paula Hoffman and Louise Gilliard)

Every Thursday afternoon you may bring your knitting, stitching, or any other craft that tickles your fancy and do it in community with the St. Alban's Crafters. The 'Crafters' meet year round to share fellowship and their love of handcrafts. This faithful group usually numbers 8-10 and welcomes anyone to join them. The Crafters work on their own projects and also have a tradition of taking up projects for the good of St. Alban's. They have knit prayer shawls, made jams, breads and quilts to sell, and published the St. Alban's Cookbook. They are very generous in gifting the funds they have raised to support various projects and ministries of the church. They meet year round from 3:30 - 5 on Thursday afternoons. They meet in the narthex of the church most of the year and move to rotating in each others homes in the hot summer months. All are welcome and warmly invited to join this group of talented ladies!

W.I.N., WOMEN’S INTERACTIVE NETWORK (Lorraine Knox and Ivan Nedds)

The Women's Interactive Network is an outreach program of the Lisbeth Linley Foundation, an outreach ministry of St. Alban's Church. Lisbeth believed in supporting and uplifting others in their daily walk of life. The W.I.N. programs, held 2-3 times per year are held at St. Alban's and open to all women of the area. The programs usually offer a speaker on an issue or topic of particular importance and interest to women. The programs bring women together for fellowship, networking, and refreshment and are followed by a reception prepared by the legendary Ivan Nedds! The lavish receptions are a tangible sign of the abundant welcome that Ivan extends to all through the foundation he established in loving memory of his wife Lisbeth.

DISTRICT 10 (John Murphy and Dagi Muprhy)

District participation is a wonderful way to help in the larger world of activities and life in the Diocese of Newark. Each District has a clergy and lay representative on the Diocesan Council. District 10 meetings are about 2 hours long and are held on weekday evenings, every other month, at the various churches in the District. These meetings include speakers, reports and discussions about the activities and plans to enhance our Episcopal life in the District.

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