St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New Jersey
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About St. Alban's Episcopal Church

Our mission is "Welcoming All to Share God’s Love." We invite all to share in God’s communion table, to participate in our various ministries and to enjoy our social events throughout the year. Through these shared experiences we deepen our love for God and strengthen our compassion for our fellow man.

St. Alban’s is known as the hard-to-find church at the top of the hill. Once found, it is harder still to leave because of our warm and welcoming congregation. This friendly atmosphere is evident throughout the church, from the greeters and ushers who welcome you, to enthusiastically sharing the peace, to the coffee hour after service where we gather in fellowship.

Ours is a purposeful congregation with multiple outreach and inreach activities. Our outreach extends both locally and globally: providing meals at a men’s homeless shelter, bringing children to visit their mothers in prison, and supporting a grammar school in Kothapallimitta, India. We are blessed with a dynamic youth group, a vibrant church school and a highly regarded preschool. St. Alban’s is a place where the voices of our youth are heard and their efforts appreciated. Their annual mission trip is one of the highlights of their year.

St. Alban’s has dedicated lay leadership and caring parishioners who work side by side in mutual ministry. We believe we are ready to fulfill the promise of our mission, through the growth of our ministries and congregation.

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St. Alban's Episcopal Church of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and  Wyckoff, New Jersey
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